Significance of BIM in the Construction Industry

October 25, 2021

Challenges in the Construction Industry

The construction industry is fast-pacing, contributing heavily to the economy of countries. The construction projects typically face massive cost and time overruns because of various different reasons including:

  • Lack of coordination between project stakeholders
  • Major design changes
  • Rebuilding on site
  • Disputes between project participants

To mitigate these problems and get better control over the construction project, BIM plays a significant role in the construction industry.

“BIM is the innovation that bridges the gap between cost savings and effective project management”

BIM for Construction Management

Implementing the right project management tools is imperative to save massive costs and time overruns of construction projects.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is an effective tool because the process allows:

  • Effective coordination between stakeholders
  • Better management during pre-construction and construction phase
  • Good control on projects by project owners
  • Collaboration between design teams, contractors, and project owners in a 3D digital environment

The reason that all the projects’ stakeholders are involved in decision making, design development, and strategic planning makes BIM a great tool for construction projects.

BIM for Construction Planning

BIM models are developed during the conceptual design stage of a construction project and information is populated throughout the design process. Beyond 3D modeling and collaboration BIM enables effective planning by:

  • Helping Construction stakeholders in making informed decisions for buildability
  • Offering techniques that help the design team to eliminate design errors during pre-construction stage
  • Helping project owners to assess the viability of their investment
  • Building strategies/execution plans that explicitly state the goals and methodologies depending upon the nature and expected outcome of a particular the construction project
  • Allowing project stakeholders to set the right expectations from contractors and design team.