Importance of BIM Outsourcing

December 10, 2021

In the present scenario, digitalization has made overseas connections simpler and better. The use of virtual technology has greatly improved the ways to connect with people at different locations in the world. The construction industry is able to take a great advantage through digitalization as engineers, architects, and BIM consultants are able to outsource BIM jobs to other companies at different locations. Below are some benefits of BIM outsourcing.

Saves production cost

Companies across the world look for cost and time effective BIM solutions with uncompromising quality of work. Outsourcing BIM services:

  • Reduces the cost to hire full time resources for an organization
  • Eliminates the cost to purchase software licenses per user
  • Allows access to competitive rates offered by overseas BIM outsourcing companies
  • Saves BIM training costs for employees

Reduction in time

Beyond saving major costs, outsourcing also brings efficiency in the process. Even if your outsourcing partner is thousand miles away, outsourcing companies help employers in a lot of ways by:

  • Reducing time for resource planning and project development for an organization
  • Enabling quicker delivery of BIM models, dwg drawings, etc.  
  • Allowing access to full time resources, who can work full time on a particular project
  • Ensuring high level coordination and collaboration between the project participants

Good quality work

BIM services providers can be found at different locations in the world. BIM outsourcing companies maintains high quality of work because the BIM companies generally have:

  • Certified engineers with years of experience in using BIM software; Revit, AutoCAD, etc.
  • Good quality analysis strategy to ensure better project delivery experience
  • Relationship/Project Manager, who ensures communication with the employer and the design team to keep everyone on the same page

Better experience

Outsourcing enhances overall experience and can lead to long-term business relationships. Some factors that contribute to better experiences are:  

  • Accessing BIM talent across the globe opens many opportunities for employers
  • Outsourcing leads to a win-win situation for an employer and a BIM consultant
  • Global outsourcing enables experiencing diverse cultures and languages, enhancing personal experiences