Importance of 3D Rebar Detailing in BIM

April 14, 2022

3D Rebar detailing

The advancements in the technology have made reinforced concrete design and rebar detailing possible on 3D platform. This allows better design, tracking and controlling small structural elements.

  • 3D structural and rebar detailing is the process of adding steel reinforcement detail to a structural model of a build asset.
  • Rebar detailing is a great method to analyze the structural components and is mainly used in reinforced concrete structure
  • Rebar detailing helps civil engineers to get an insight of the steel reinforcement before construction

Benefits of 3D Rebar detailing

Transiting from 2D rebar detailing to 3D rebar detailing has many benefits:

  • Detailed 3D analysis of rebar structure irrespective of their complexity and size
  • Allows surveyors to calculate precise and reliable cost estimates by calculating the rebar quantities produced in the software
  • Allows better tracking and controlling of structural and rebar members
  • 3D model helps contractor to check rebar on site that provides much better visualisation than 2D drawings
  • Construction ready level of accuracy (LOD 400) of rebar designs can be provided to contractors before construction
  • Offer high quality structural elements deliverables that are useful for the customers

Software for 3D Rebar detailing

Tekla is powerful and smart tool used for 3D rebar detailing and fabrication that automates repetitive rebar detailing and documentation tasks. Mentioned below are the features that the software offers:

  • Parametric components for detail pad footings, columns, beams and standard structures; reducing the time for repetitive structural elements using parametric components
  • Enables simple ways to add area reinforcements by just one click
  • Automation feature recognizes openings and cut-outs in concrete elements
  • Users can define the parameters and store the customised components easily