Our Work Process

Steps to success with us

We are focused to have an effective communication with our clients and understand their need. This helps to minimise modeling changes and revisions. We perform at a fast pace in comparison to our competitiors to the meet the deadlines and at same time ensure high quality working standards. 

  1. Start Meeting
  2. Project execution
  3. Internal Quality Control
  4. Final Delivery
  5. Modifications

Start Meeting

We start off with a start meeting with our clients and go through the whole project, templates, reference files, stamps, drawing specifications and recommendations, families, layers..

We assign an eligible projects leader who has a regular contact with the clients throughout the whole project time.
  • Make documentation of work steps and follow ups.
  • Create templates, CAD layers, Revit families for the model
  • Upload CAD/Revit models on the server.
  • Find the right details level in BIM

Project execution

The project is carried out by our CAD technician under the guidance of team leaders.

Internal Quality Control

Before we deliver the project, we make sure that all drawings are reviewed internally to avoid minimal errors.

Final Delivery

Team leaders deliver and go through entire projects with the customer. Project delivery can be divided into different stages depending on size and quantity.


Changes in a project are inevitable. They can occur at any stage of the project. We take care of changes.