Challenges in BIM collaboration

January 17, 2022

Moving from traditional ways of collaboration to building information modeling (BIM) has improved coordination between project stakeholders and has enabled the digitalization of information. However, there are many challenges faced by the project stakeholders while collaborating through BIM such as:

  • Lack of software expertise
  • Unaware of the potential of BIM
  • Lack of cooperation within project stakeholders
  • Software problems

Lack of software expertise

Project stakeholders can collaborate in many ways through cloud-based platforms. However, lack of software expertise within the team becomes a major reason for lack of collaboration. While some members of the team are highly trained others lack software experience and learning which causes project delays and mismanagement of information.

 Unaware of the potential of BIM

Many construction professionals and companies use 3D modeling services but yet do not experience 100 percent benefits of BIM. Collaboration is the keyword of BIM and many times it’s being avoided completely in the modeling processes. Lack of awareness about the benefits of collaboration of the design team leads to design errors.

Brist på samarbete inom projektets intressenter

The important feature of BIM is the integration of all the project information in one single place that can be accessed and used by all the project stakeholders. However, many project stakeholders are resistant to this change and prefer the traditional ways to collaborate. The lack of cooperation of project stakeholders is an important reason for BIM implementation and collaboration.

Software problems

Even though there are great platforms such as BIM 360 are available for ease to exchange files and information there are several issues associated with using the software. High software cost and lack of skills within the team make collaboration through software quite challenging.